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Entrepreneur spotlight: Summer Company blog series

We’re doing a mini series featuring 28 young entrepreneurs in the Summer Company program run by the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC) in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure. Summer Company provides hands-on business coaching and mentoring to these young entrepreneurs to help them run a small business throughout the summer.

The City of Vaughan has a strong and vibrant business community of more than 10,000 businesses. Small business is the backbone of a successful city, and Vaughan proudly supports the growth and entrepreneurial spirit of this community.

Here is the first post in the series, which highlights entrepreneurs offering personal image and fitness services:


Afiya Hypolite — Afiya’s Image Consulting
As founder and sole consultant of Afiya’s Image Consulting, Afiya Hypolite recognized that busy professionals often have little time to co-ordinate between their personal and professional lives.  To help bridge the gap, Afiya assists her clients with picking the right outfits and revamping their wardrobes.

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Asad Jalib — Empire Fitness
Asad Jalib is the proud owner of Empire Fitness. Asad committed to making fitness a part of his life in May 2013. Drawing on his own personal experiences, Asad works with his clients to develop a plan to help them reach their fitness goals quickly and affordably. He also offers information on the best supplements.

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Anthony Casto — Pure Energy Fitness
Determined to introduce fitness and training to those looking to avoid the hassle and price of joining a gym, Anthony Casto opened Pure Energy Fitness as a way to offer affordable, one-on-one and small-group training sessions in a fun and relaxed environment. Training sessions are tailored to client needs and fitness level.

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Chef Ryan Dressekie — Ooh Grill’em
Ryan Dressekie has always had a passion for high-quality, healthy and delicious food. Ryan brings together unique flavour pairings and delivers them right to your doorstep with his catering company Ooh Grill’em.

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Julian Sciortino – Made to be Greater
Julian Sciortino’s Made to be Greater apparel is taking off in the GTA. Julian’s brand of T-shirts and tank tops strives to inspire people to pursue their dreams with its unique style, inspirational messages and creative images.

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More to come!

Raphael Costa
Small Business Consultant
Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre



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