Andrew Wiggins returns home

Hometown hero gives back to Dufferin Clark Community Centre

Andrew Wiggins returned home on Feb. 13 to where it all began to give back to his community. In partnership with Adidas, Dufferin Clark Community Centre was given a makeover. The renovated gym is decorated with Wiggin’s initials to commemorate his athletic journey and to remind youth that dedication and hard work can pay off.


A single handprint was left on a basketball backboard at Dufferin Clark Community Centre – a backboard that was once shattered by the NBA star and hometown hero. The print now remains as a symbol to inspire generations of young athletes hoping to achieve success on the court.


Andrew Wiggins’ journey

Andrew Wiggins led the Vaughan Secondary School basketball team to a provincial championship in 2011 before heading to Huntington Prep School in the United States. He starred as a freshman with the Kansas Jayhawks and declared his intention to play in the NBA in 2014. Wiggins now plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves where he has been selected twice to play in the NBA Rising Star Challenge. In the 2014-2015 season, Wiggins was named NBA Rookie of the Year.


Andrew Wiggins plaque

What do you think of Andrew Wiggins’ remarkable journey? And have you visited the new Dufferin Clark Community Centre basketball court?

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  • 3 thoughts on “Andrew Wiggins returns home

    1. So awesome to see that Vaughan has recognized his achievements. Very inspirational for the young boys with the same dreams.

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