Earth Hour 2016 – Be part of the change

On March 19, cities across the globe will come together to celebrate Earth Hour – a global movement to shine a light on climate change. Every year, Earth Hour is celebrated by powering down and turning off the lights for one hour.

The World Wildlife Fund first launched Earth Hour in 2007 in Sydney, Australia with more than two-million participants. Since then, Earth Hour has grown to become one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment with participation from more than 170 countries.

While recognizing the global call to turn off the lights remains a critical platform for engaging the power of people, its true impact is starting to be seen in communities across the world fighting climate change on a daily basis.

Earth Hour has sparked action on relevant climate issues such as fighting deforestation, reducing energy use and pushing for stronger legislation on climate change. In fact, within the last year a historic deal was made through the Paris Agreement that was signed by 195 countries at the annual Conference of Parties 21 to combat climate change. In addition, Ontario announced its Climate Change Strategy, which outlines Ontario’s vision for achieving a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.

The City of Vaughan is doing its part to keep our environment sustainable. In 2014, the City’s Community Climate Action Plan was approved by Council. Over the last year, the City’s Environmental Sustainability team has been working to transform this into a Municipal Energy Plan (MEP). The MEP will identify a revised target for greenhouse gas reductions and prioritize key initiatives that will help our community meet the target while fostering a culture of conservation.

This year, we invite you to get inspired by joining us for the ninth annual Earth Hour Vaughan event at City Hall on March 19 starting at 6:30 p.m. Featured activities include an innovative energy exhibit, lantern walk, live entertainment and Vaughan’s very own Green Hero Award presentation.

Be part of the change.



  1. Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  2. PowerStream
  3. York Region Environmental Alliance
  4. Kortright Sustainable House
  5. Bullfrog Power
  6. SolarShare
  7. Sustainable Economist
  8. Eco-Building Resources
  9. Bendygo
  10. Maple Lions’ Club Electronic Waste Collection
  11. Earth Hour Vaughan’s Green Hero
  12. Green Directions Vaughan
  13. Vaughan Bicycle User Group
  14. Reptilia


  1. PowerStream
  2. Vaughan C.A.R.E.S
  3. Mersen
  4. Maynard Insurance



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