Meet your new Vaughan firefighters

Seventeen new recruits join Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service

Ever wondered what the process of becoming a firefighter might be like? The competition is tougher than you may think.

Each year, recruits are carefully selected from thousands of applicants. Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) receive approximately 1,400 applicants to participate in an aptitude test. After the tests are scored, the top 700 scorers are selected to provide cover letters and resumes. These are whittled down to 100 potential candidates who are selected for two interview stages to showcase their qualifications and abilities.

The 100 candidates enter the first round of interviews with Senior Command Officers and Human resources representatives. Contenders are then narrowed down to approximately 40 who are interviewed by the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chiefs and Human Resources.

Physical testing comes next. Candidates are challenged with a rigorous process that includes an acrophobia test, claustrophobia test, ladder lift, hose carry/climb, victim drag, rope pull, hose advance, forced-entry tests and VO2 assessment.

Offers are based on a combination of test scores, interview scores, medical/physical assessments and a driver’s abstract. When the scores are tallied up, the roster is narrowed down to only a select few who will have their references checked and be given an offer.

From the first job interview, the process can take four to six months with all the testing and examinations. Once accepted, the training and tests don’t stop there. Recruits undertake a 12-week VFRS recruit-training program in order to graduate.

To be a firefighter, one must have the dedication, commitment and willingness to serve the public. On Jan. 29, VFRS welcomed 17 new recruits to the team. They are joining a community where they will become active and involved in delivering emergency services and fire education.

Congratulations to our new recruits!


The Mayor and Members of Council, along with Fire Chief Bentley, also honoured recent promotions within the fire service. Newly-appointed officers were presented with their designated helmets by Chief Bentley and Mayor Bevilacqua.



What else would you like to learn about VFRS? And what do you think about the firefighter-recruiting process? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • 4 thoughts on “Meet your new Vaughan firefighters

    1. Wow, from 1400 to 17…thats tough recruiting, but we sure do need that screening because a lot depends on them. Congratulations to all 17 recruits ! A lot goes behind the scenes. Are kids in high school made aware of this process specially that they can choose this as a career ? Thanks for sharing this here.

    2. congratulations to the recruits. That’s a tough process but they get the best people for the job! How long is training process of a newly recruited firefighter?

    3. I am a long time resident and I have called on them a few times when– when my water tap broke and the well flooded my basement; when a bimetal ring tightened on my finger causing dangerous swelling, when I couldn’t figure how to get the battery into a smoke alarm, when my 130 lb. dog fell through the ice and nearly drowned in the river, when the hydro line snapped and there were live wires in the summer flood we had about three years ago…. They contacted me during the summer flood when we couldn’t get out of my house and I had no electricity –and they brought me drinking water and ice so my food wouldn’t spoil…and I could go on

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