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Be Crosswalk Wise

Crossing guards have the important job of helping citizens and children safely cross the street.  The City of Vaughan’s Emergency Planning Program and Human Resources department have partnered with York Regional Police to create a public safety video featuring PrepE and her friends learning how to be crosswalk wise.

Follow these crosswalk safety tips:

  • Don’t jay-walk. It is dangerous and against the law. Walk the few extra steps to an intersection or crosswalk to be safe.
  • Obey the crossing guard’s instructions. Stop, look both ways, listen for traffic in all directions and ensure that drivers can see you before entering the crosswalk/intersection. Cross only when the road is clear.
  • Be tuned in. Turn off music devices and remove headphones/earbuds when crossing the road. Be alert to oncoming traffic. Don’t text or play handheld video games when crossing the road. Dismount your bike/skateboard and walk across the road when it is safe to do so. Walk – don’t run across the street.
  • Use a crosswalk when available. Wait for the walk signal before crossing the street. Look and listen for traffic in all directions and watch for vehicles that are turning. When driving, stop for crossing guards, be patient and wait until the crossing guard has left the road. Do not stop or park on the crosswalk markings.

Crossing guards, like the ones featured in this City Life Magazine article, appreciate everyone’s extra caution when driving in school zones and through crosswalks. Let’s all be crosswalk wise this school year and make this year a safe one!


Sharon Walker                                                                        Natasha Persad

Manager, Emergency Planning                                  Crossing Guard Co-ordinator

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