The Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival is coming

Annual festival celebrates its jubilee on Sept. 10

 OK, festivals are fun but what the heck is Binder Twine Festival anyway? It began in the late 1800s when farmers came to the community of Kleinburg to buy binder twine. What’s that? Binder twine (or binder’s twine) is a strong coarse twine used in binding sheaves of grain and bales of hay. Huh, who knew? Well, anyone who has ever attended the annual Binder Twine Festival over the last 49 years knew.

The Binder Twine Festival is an annual event held the first Saturday after Labour Day. This year it is celebrating its jubilee!  The event kicks off with a pioneer parade at 10:40 a.m. that runs along Islington Avenue and features the festival mascot, the Binder Twine Mouse. It promises to be an exciting day filled with unique crafts, great entertainment, “olde tyme” activities and delicious food for the whole family. For many, the highlight of the day is the unique Queen Contest, where eligible “young ladies” (age 16 to eternity) call a hog, saw logs, flip pancakes, hammer nails and even milk a cow!

So untie your schedule, string those kids along, and come on out for a great tyme! Gates open at 9 a.m. Admission prices are:

  • $8 for adults
  • $6 for seniors and teenagers
  • $3 for children aged two to 12

However, in keeping with the spirit of the festival, if you come dressed in pioneer costume admission is FREE!

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