Are you ready for some olde tyme fun?

The 50th annual Binder Twine Festival is on Sept. 10

Olde Tyme Image 1 from 2011
Photo provided by guest contributor, Norma Curtis

Olde tyme activities abound at this year’s 50th annual Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival on Saturday, Sept. 10 in the Village of Kleinburg.

You can try your skill at so many olde tyme activities. When was the last time you tried log sawing, nail driving, stilt walking, watermelon seed spitting or played the original version of basketball with real peach baskets and without dribbling?

Then, at the end of the day, celebrate Binder Twine royalty with us.  That’s right, the infamous Binder Twine Queen will be crowned after a friendly competition and more olde tyme fun, where womanly pioneer skills are put to the test. There’s flapjack flipping, more log sawing and nail driving, cow milking (with a real live cow thanks to Plum Valley Farm in Bolton) and hog calling.

You know how to call a hog don’t you? Just take a big breath and enunciate, Sue …….. eeeee!!!! It’s that easy. Or put a little twist on it. Take a deeper breathe and call, Sueeeee ……. Weeeeeee!!!

So come on out and cheer your favourite contestant on. It will be a great day and no better way than to celebrate the 50th annual Binder Twine Festival.

Olde Tyme Image 3 from 2000
Photo provided by guest contributor, Norma Curtis

Save the date. Get your costume ready. Everyone’s welcome to participate. Besides, when was the last time you wore an olde tyme costume? Well this is your chance!

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Norma Curtis

Guest blog contributor

BT50 Subcommittee Chair

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