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My Canada 150 story: Antoinette

Task force member shares a family story of gratefulness and opportunity

Canada represents the incredible opportunity to create the life you really desire and to become the person you want to become. Due to our diversity, multiculturalism, security and tolerance, we are one of the most desirable places to live and raise a family and all these make me a proud Canadian!

My husband Daren and I moved to Vaughan in 2012. We fell in love with the city and community. We have been in the financial services industry for 14 years. In 2013 we opened our own branch office. There was nowhere else we wanted to be but in Vaughan. We love the entrepreneurial and business spirit in Vaughan and our clientele in the area have been so receptive to the financial literacy programs and services our company provides.

Not only have we chosen to grow professionally in Vaughan, but we are also growing our family here. We love the family oriented neighbourhoods, amenities and activities. This is also what contributes to Canada’s greatness — accessible places and services to facilitate our well-being. Community centres, public parks, the Ontario Early Years Centres, the Parent and Family Literacy Centres and public health nurses are just a few of the services we’ve used. On a more personal note, some years ago my grandmother suffered from a stroke that left her disabled. My family is grateful that she became a Canadian citizen beforehand because her life has been extended due to our great hospitals, rehabilitation centres and trained at-home care support workers.

Canada gave my parents a place to immigrate to, raise their family safely and expose their children to greater educational and work/business opportunities. As we strive to take advantage of all our great country has to offer, we also recognize that we can make it better. We can make ours a country where gender inequality and wage gaps no longer exist between men and women, where racial discrimination is eradicated, where there’s no more poverty and homeless, where there’s more affordable and accessible childcare options and greater transparency in the political realm. Reaching this sesquicentennial milestone allows us to reflect on our substantial achievements as a country and encourages us to envision, and work harder for, an even greater future for generations to come.

Antoinette T. Stephenson
Canada 150 Task Force Member 

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