Vaughan launches Lobbyist Registry

The City of Vaughan now has a Lobbyist Registry. It went into effect on Jan. 1, and, for the first year, registration will be on a voluntary basis.

The registry is an important tool that provides accountability and transparency to lobbying activities. The lobbying of Members of Council and staff on municipal issues can be beneficial to the public process by providing the perspective of other stakeholders.

“Trust and accountability are key priorities at the City of Vaughan. I championed the creation of a lobbyist registry because I believe in an open government – giving the public access to information about who is communicating with public office holders,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “This is a positive step forward as it demonstrates our commitment to transparency. As we promote an enlightened corporate culture, it is important that we work together to maintain and strengthen the integrity of the City while putting our citizens first. Together, as an organization, we will continue to focus on good governance and taking Vaughan to the next level.”

Lobbyists will provide information regarding their identity, who they represent, the subject matter and which public office holders they are lobbying. During the voluntary period in 2017, the operation of the online portal will be reviewed, refined, and, where necessary, alternative options will be explored. It is anticipated that the registry will become mandatory in 2018. To learn more, or to see who has registered to date, visit

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