The Way We Were: Archives Collection and Image of the Month Series

The main role of the City Archives is to manage government records with long-term business value. The City of Vaughan Archives also collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable non-government records from the Vaughan community that document the rich and diverse heritage of the City of Vaughan. Every month we’ll share pieces of Vaughan’s heritage in a regular feature called The Way We Were.

To view more from the City’s archival collections, visit the City of Vaughan’s Facebook page.


Image of the month: Geo. W. Bagg and Trixie on the Woodbridge Mail Route, ca. 1915

This image, taken ca. 1915, features Mr. Geo. W. Bagg and his horse Trixie at the delivery box along one of the Woodbridge rural mail routes on the Seventh Concession. Rural mail delivery service was established in Woodbridge in 1914. Prior to this, rural inhabitants often had to walk or ride considerable distances to obtain their mail at a local store. By 1918, Woodbridge had three rural mail delivery routes, greatly improving communication among secluded farmers. Mr. Bagg delivered mail by horse and buggy from 1914-18.

Collection of the month: Vellore Junior Farmers’ Club Fonds

The Vellore Junior Farmers’ Club was formed in 1930. Like many such clubs formed in Vaughan and Ontario at the time, it had two distinct purposes: to disseminate information relating to agriculture and to provide a social outlet for youth. The Club disbanded in 1970. Spanning the years 1932-53, the fonds consists of the club’s newsletter, Vellore Pep, for 1932-35, photo prints from 1938 with identification of subjects, and a song book for junior farmers produced by the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario in 1953.

Bailey Chui
Archives Record Analyst

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