You could save money with an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) are making a splash these days. With the transportation sector accounting for more greenhouse gas emissions than iron, steel, cement and chemical industries combined, it’s time to think about how we can green our commutes.

The transportation sector of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is intended to help the province become a leader in the area of low-carbon and zero-emission transportation. The Ministry of Transportation is pursuing actions to make EVs more affordable, by building a network of public fast-charging stations and increasing  awareness of the benefits.

Why should you consider purchasing an EV?

  • The Electric Vehicle Incentive Program provides incentives to support the purchase of eligible electric vehicles, which, when coupled with fuel savings, makes them a real alternative for Ontario drivers. Check out eligible vehicles here.
  • Electric cars require less maintenance as they do not need oil changes, coolant flushes, mufflers or exhaust systems. This can help save hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs.
  • Driving an EV can reduce a driver’s emissions by as much as 90 per cent when compared to a gas car.
  • With more than 15 models of EVs available from more than 10 different manufacturers, there’s an electric car for everyone.

Want to learn more about EVs and what it’s really like to drive one? Come and check out the EV road show on March 25 at Earth Hour Vaughan at Vaughan City Hall.

Kailyn Smith
Sustainability Co-ordinator, City of Vaughan

Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

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