#2017AAW: Thoreau MacDonald’s pencil sketches (Thornhill)

On each day of Archives Awareness Week 2017, the City of Vaughan Archives is highlighting five unique objects representing each of the city’s five major communities: Maple, Kleinburg, Concord, Woodbridge and Thornhill.

The Vaughan Archives has 41 pencil sketches drawn by Thoreau MacDonald. Born in Toronto in 1901, Thoreau was the son of Group of Seven member J.E.H. MacDonald. A book designer and artist himself, Thoreau’s formative years were spent in High Park in Toronto and Thornhill in Vaughan. He shared his father’s love of Canada’s natural beauty, and this theme was expressed in many of his artistic works which ranged from oil paintings to watercolours, black-and-white sketches to sculpture. He died in his father’s house (the historic J.E.H. MacDonald House) in Thornhill in 1989. These pencil sketches, which consist of architectural drawings and designs of household and industrial tools, are part of a larger collection of graphic material that make up the Thoreau MacDonald fonds, which is available for viewing at City Hall on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Go online for more information about the City of Vaughan Archives.

Bailey Chui
Archives Record Analyst

Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at vaughan.ca.

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