Planet Protector Academy comes to schools in Vaughan

The Planet Protector Academy, in collaboration with the City of Vaughan, is piloting an environmental outreach program at schools in Vaughan to engage students and families in reducing waste.  The program, ZERO HEROES, is a digital-led classroom activity for grades three to five that combines in-class learning about waste and consumption issues with at-home missions to involve the whole family in waste reduction.

The program was developed by youth engagement charity DreamRider Productions, and is being offered through funding support received from Vaughan’s waste management division. The pilot follows the successful integration of the Planet Protector Academy in various communities across the province, including Guelph, Peterborough and Kingston.

Students learn through fun, interactive arts-based activities that are led by a website projected at the front of the class. Key waste and consumption concepts are learned through playing game shows, writing raps about recycling food scraps, drawing posters and solving math problems in teams and competing for points throughout the program. Students then connect learning with their families through fun at-home missions that inspire change in the wider community.

Schools and/or teachers that are interested in bringing the program to their classrooms are encouraged to contact Sion Lanini at DreamRider Productions at or 604-757-3212.

About Planet Protector Academy
The Planet Protector Academy is a six-week digital-led educational program that aims to inspire and empower kids to lead change in their families’ environmental habits. It was developed by youth engagement charity DreamRider Productions, which partners with municipalities and school districts across North America to inspire a generation of environmental superheroes.


Sion Lanini, Opportunities and Operations Alchemist, DreamRider Productions
215-202 Westhill Place, Port Moody, BC V3H 1V2 | 604-757-3212

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