Canada 150
Oh Canada! Who are you?

I can’t reach to understand
What I really feel
An explanation my heart demand
When I let my thoughts turn like the wheel

Oh Canada! Who are you?
If I use reasons I call you “My Lord”.
If I use feelings I cry out “My Lady”.

Thy sons and daughters made thy history,
And they left pieces of their lives in the air.
It is not a dream nor is it an allegory
It is happiness without pair

Oh Canada!
If you are a father I call you “My Lord”
If you are a mother I cry out “My Lady”.

The river St. Lawrence, mute witness of the past
Cries out serene, the independence shout,
Kind, tranquil and happy… in glorious contrast
Away from spilled blood and of death’s blackout.

Oh Canada!
If you are fortitude I call you “My Lord”
If you are protection I cry out “My Lady”

Aye… thus were thy examples,
Battles freed without blood
Footsteps rested under shades of maples
And voices that the wind gathers for God.

Oh Canada!
You are the reason I call you “My Lord”
If you are heart I cry out “My Lady”

Oh Canada!
As you are fortitude and protection,
Heart and Reason
Not only have I called you father and mother,
But also “Home” cries your humble Daughter.

-Olga Ocampo de Hernandez

This poem was submitted by Vaughan resident Olga Ocampo de Hernandez in celebration of Canada 150.

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