What’s ‘New’ in the Archives

Featured in this post are two of the newest additions to the City of Vaughan Archives: a polar planimeter and a case containing 55 railroad curves of varying lengths and curvatures, both of which were used by the Engineering department (now Infrastructure Delivery) as part of their operations.

The planimeter is a drafting instrument used to measure the area of a graphically represented planar region (especially irregular shapes) to determine metric area.


The railroad curves were used in designing and laying out roads. Both sets of tools were used by the Engineering department up until the 1990s, when the Town of Vaughan’s Drafting Section received its first computers and AutoCAD software, facilitating the transition from analogue to digital design. The items were transferred from the Infrastructure Delivery department and demonstrate the transformative power of technology in carrying out work.
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    1. Thanks for the information – it’s great to see the Archives receiving important items (in addition to documents) that were used in the development of this City! Keep up the great work – our community appreciates your effots!

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