Protecting our water one car wash at a time

DOING OUR PART Protecting our ponds, rivers and water systems is very important, and many of us contribute to polluted water runoff without realizing it. Did you know that washing your car in your driveway can send dirt, motor oil, grease, metals, rust, salts, anti-freeze, detergents, soaps and other hazardous chemicals into our stormwater systems? […]

Did you know that taking water from a fire hydrant is illegal?

Fire hydrants are a fairly recognizable feature in our neighbourhoods and they serve a very important function when it comes to keeping our communities safe. Hydrants are used to put out fires and are connected to the city’s drinking water supply. Only licensed and trained City staff or firefighters are allowed to operate them. Connecting […]

What’s old is new again during curbside giveaway

 thanks to all who participated in curbside giveaway. How did it go? If you have suggestions for how we can improve our curbside giveaway event, please take this quick survey. Even if you did not participate, we’d like to hear from you. -->

Vaughan’s first event welcomes spring cleaners and treasure hunters One person’s reusables is another person’s riches. The City of Vaughan is hosting a series of curbside giveaway events, which offer residents the chance to part with unwanted, gently used items and treasure hunters the opportunity to discover a few gems. The curbside giveaway weekends are […]

Control pesky dandelion weeds

Your lawn will be ‘coming up roses’ with these seven helpful hints Each spring, lawns and greenspaces turn from green to yellow as dandelions flower. Dandelions usually flower for only a few shorts weeks in May and June. To protect the environment, the City of Vaughan put the Pesticide By-law into effect to regulate the […]

What makes a city beautiful? Let us know for a chance to WIN!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we want to know what a beautiful city means to you! We’re looking for feedback from residents on what they think makes public spaces look beautiful. Could it be more shrubs, flowers, lamps, banners or landscaping? Let us know by taking our beautification survey. Your feedback […]