Protecting our water one car wash at a time

DOING OUR PART Protecting our ponds, rivers and water systems is very important, and many of us contribute to polluted water runoff without realizing it. Did you know that washing your car in your driveway can send dirt, motor oil, grease, metals, rust, salts, anti-freeze, detergents, soaps and other hazardous chemicals into our stormwater systems? […]

2017 Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Budget

The City of Vaughan has started working on the 2017 Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Budget. This budget determines how much residents pay for water, wastewater and stormwater and identifies the resources needed to operate and maintain the City’s infrastructure. Why it’s important By operating and maintaining existing water services and accommodating growth, the City can […]

Safe Drinking Water for a Healthy Community

Safe drinking water, effective wastewater collection and stormwater management are cornerstones of a sustainable and healthy community. On Feb. 16, the City of Vaughan reaffirmed its commitment to the health and wellness of residents by approving the 2016 Water and Wastewater/Stormwater Budget. This will ensure the City is able to provide sustainable water services, maintain […]

2016 Water and Wastewater/Stormwater Budget

Every year the City of Vaughan creates a water and wastewater/stormwater budget that determines how much residents pay for water use and identifies the resources needed to maintain the City’s water systems. The City is committed to providing: safe drinking water to support the health of residents effective wastewater collection to be environmentally responsible efficient […]

Public Works Winter Newsletter Series [PART 3]

Managing melting snow Here’s a snippet from the winter edition of the Public Works Newsletter — Vaughan at Work — now available. Check it out at Do you know about stormwater management? Stormwater is rainwater and melted snow that runs off streets and other hard surfaces. Driveways, buildings and roads prevent stormwater from soaking […]

Small changes makes a big difference

We’re doing a four-part mini-series on stormwater: what is it? Why should residents care? What is the City doing to help reduce the risk of flooding and erosion in Vaughan? What can residents do to help? We’ll cover those questions here. The City of Vaughan’s stormwater management program supports flood protection, maintains water quality and […]